Terms & Conditions

last updated Jan 20, 2019. They are subject to change at any time and are binding going forward.


Cogmint is a service owned by Eviato, LLC, a small project designed to make it easier to crowdsource small tasks, complete small tasks, and organize tasks with people across the internet.

You agree to be a good human and follow all applicable laws. We will not hesitate to kick people off the platform that are degrading the experience for others.

Terms - Alpha

This site is in alpha. That means we do not offer any warranties, express or implied. This site may go offline at any time, may delete its entire database at any time, or may simply be unavailable. Alpha also means it may be very unstable.

However, we've posted our privacy policy here, which you're agreeing to as an incorporated part of these terms.


These are legal agreements. By creating an account you accept and agree to our terms, which are detailed here. No other terms shall govern outside of these terms and our privacy policy.

Second, you agree to not attempt to reverse engineer, hack, bypass, or circumvent any of our security or privacy-related code. If you find a bug you agree to let us know; immediately if it impacts privacy or security. You may not increase your own authorized access, access the site on behalf of another user, or gain unauthorized access to any of our computer resources. Unauthorized access includes making direct HTTP calls absent a browser, or through the use of an automated browser, with the exception of our API endpoints expressly enabled for programmatic access and for our SDKs (endpoints scoped under the /api route are enabled for your programmatic access provided you have a valid API key). You agree that if you have any question about whether an endpoint may be called without the immediate command of a human you'll ask us in writing and we in turn agree to get back to all reasonable requests. You agree to only use API keys, authorization tokens, or other unique strings linked to your account to access our API. Similarly, you agree to not share your API keys with others.

You agree to not use this site to build a competitive site without our written approval. If you're building something remarkably similar on top of our technology we might be fine with it, but it depends on how you're going about it. You may not use this site to recruit users to other crowdsourcing or online work sites. You may not use this site to promote multi-level marketing schemes, scams, prey on vulnerable populations, or anything else we deem questionable in our sole discretion.

You agree to not use bots, software that imitates human behavior, software that is designed to defeat human-verification systems, or promote the use of software that promotes circumventing any of these terms.

You agree to not harass other humans through, using, or on our platform, including our employees and customer support. You agree not to publicly disclose contact information, usernames, email addresses, phone numbers, any other personally identifiable information etc. of others using or via our platform. You agree that while we appreciate emails and feedback, we're not bound to implement any ideas, and we are not going to compensate you for any of your ideas. We also can't promise a response to every inquiry.

You agree that we can lock, delete, nuke, or shutdown your account at any time and for any reason without explanation or appeal. While we don't intend to use this often, we will not hesitate to preserve the experience for others. We won't give you any data.