last updated May 28, 2019


Cogmint is a service owned by Eviato, LLC, a small project designed to make it easier to crowdsource small tasks, complete small tasks, and organize tasks with people across the internet.

Data Types & Uses

Type Examples Use
Login Information Username, name, email, password, login IP addresses & referrers Login, authentication, fraud prevention, user access, identity resolution
Connection Information IP addresses, HTTP headers, cookies, technical identifiers Serving content requested by the user/browser/client, anti-fraud, like under "Login Information"
Cookies - 1st Party Cookies scoped to * Cookies this site sets as a first party are used for user management, remember logins, occasional anti-fraud
Cookies - 3rd Party Cookies set on this page by scripts we've included, domains called by your browser while visiting our site, etc. For example, analytics services Instead of building our own analytics services to see how people use our site, we use companies that serve up insights for us. For example, we use site usage analytis provider FullStory.
Site Usage Information Which pages get clicked, how long users spend on a certain page, when users click 'back' etc. Determine if we are building the product our users want. For example, clicking a menu item then quickly clicking back might mean the user didn't find what they wanted. Spending a lot of time on a page might mean they found what they wanted. Clicking a lot on a button might mean its broken.
Behavior, Hardware & Software Data OS version, time between clicks, etc. This site uses Google's Invisible ReCaptcha to detect abusive and bot traffic. Google's terms indicate that they will not use this information for personalized ads. Your use of this site relying on ReCaptcha data collection and usage is subject to Google's applicable Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Ads & Marketing

We may engage in retargeting, which is where you see an ad for a page you recently visited, general advertising using other advertising platforms, and email marketing. For example, if you visited our homepage, but didn't sign up we might pay sites to show you an ad the next time they see your browser in hopes that you come back. Our emails will include optout/unsubscribe information. If you think you're receiving emails from someone impersonating us, let us know immediately.

Advertising across the web relies on cookies or identifiers like IP addresses and attributes of your browser to determine if an ad may be relevant to you.


This site is not for children, does not contain children's content, and no children are allowed to use this site. If you think data has been processed in error, please reach out and we will work to address it.


This site is not directed to users in the European Union, pay out or receive EU currencies, or marketed to anyone in the EU. This privacy policy will be updated if this changes. If you are an EU citizen and think we have some personal data of yours, please reach out and we'll try to help.